Making life easy

Starting a new business can be a duanting task, and the first thing a person will ask for is 'Have you got a card?'.

And the first lesson we learn from a yong age is that 'first impressions last'. So when you hand over that business card with your name on it, that you so proudly pieced together in Word and printed from your desktop printer, you should remind yourself of what 'image' you want to leave as a first impression, professional or laughable.

KDH knows just how hard it is to get started (we've been there) so we've put together a few graphic design packages that are a great stepping stone for new business and organisations, or perhaps a revamp of your old.


New Business Starter - from $1,000 +

This package includes a profesionally designed logo for your company/organisation, 250 full colour Business cards and a choice of signage for your vehicle or shop. *(Please contact us for the conditions) examples...

The Whole Kit - from $2,000 +

Looking for the whole package for your company/organisation, The Whole Kit includes our professional design services to create you a logo and style which is then taken across all your stationary needs. 500 full colour business cards, 1000 with compliments slips, 1000 letterheads and 1000 custom printed envelopes. Plus a choice of signage for your vehicle or shop.*(Please contact us for the conditions) examples...